We were so pleased to work with Funkadelic Studios for our birthday gala fundraiser! Dawn and the team were so flexible and accommodating of a hectic event, providing exactly the right equipment we needed at exactly the right price. More than anything, the performances sounded incredible. From the planning to the set-up to the sound engineers, Funkadelic is the epitome of professionalism.
— Aaron Hock, Development Manager, Ensemble Studio Theater

The Darbies Live at the Ben Sherman Store

The Darbies landed in NYC for the Mondo Festival in October 2018 and invaded The Ben Sherman Store, looking stylish in their new outfits. But more important, the concert sounded great – everyone was surprised at how great the sound was in the clothing store!


Serge, Audio Engineer, has honed his skills over the past 4 years in the recording studio. Over the last 18 months, Serge has added Live Sound Engineer to his already impressive resume. As a performer and producer and of large local events he knows how important the sound and coordination of the music talent is in order to have a successful event. His live credits include:

Funkadelic Gigs
The Inspired Word Open Mic
Dinosaur BBQ – 7 piece jazz ensemble
Phil Kiami – 3 years – 12 piece jazz orchestra
The Darbies – 4 piece rock band

Midnight Dreams Gigs
Botanic Lab
Silver Factory