Diana Oh

Funkadelic Studios is the official Rehearsal Studio of "My Lingerie Play" 

{my lingerie play} 2017: THE CONCERT AND CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!!
The Final Installation with text, music and lyrics by Diana Oh

BOGO 1.jpg

"In this culminating event at Rattlestick, Ms. Oh will detail her intimate history of intimates, finding the political in the very personal." –New York Times

“This Rattlestick blowout show embodies the reason we all live in New York City.” –VILLAGE VOICE’s Must-See List This Fall

What drives an artist to stand in her black corset in Times Square on a soapbox? It began at 17 with her first shoplifted f*ck me bra. Over the course of this unfiltered and soul-baring event, Diana Oh's personal collection of unmentionables comes on and off as she and her band ignite the audience to create a safer, more courageous world for us all.

September 27th - October 28th, Thursday through Monday at 7:30pm

Two added performances on Wednesday, September 27th and Wednesday, October 4th

SPECIAL OFFER for FUNKADELIC: 50% Off Tickets when you use CODE: twoforlingerie ONLY through October 8t! For Tickets, visit rattlestick.org or call 212-627-2556